YTS 8 - The Quarryman Steam Locomotive - 0 Gauge

YTS 8 - The Quarryman Steam Locomotive - 0 Gauge

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Made by ‘Model Steam Specialist’ of Great Britain& distributed exclusively by Yesteryear Toys & Books Inc. This high quality new Saddle Tank 0-4-0 Locomotive and tender is based on the popular Quarryman that is still in service and dates back to the 1860s.The design of this MSS locomotive model is based on an old side-tank locomotive. All metal and heavily built throughout, this model features solid brass fittings; forward or reverse through variable speed control;twin double-acting cylinders which provide smooth power transmission;combined safety valve and filler cap; rear panel of cab removable for access to burner and sight glass. Supplied with steam oil, burner tray,filler funnel and a box of fuel tablets.

Measures 8´´L x 3 1/2´´W x 4 3/4´´H. Weighs 2 lbs., 2 oz. Comes in Green or Black.

Tender not included.

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