Wilesco T90 Model Steam Turbine

Wilesco T90 Model Steam Turbine

Price: $505.93
On Sale: $344.96


Turbines are the successors of the traditional steam engines and replaced it more during the last decades. They are used today in the aeronautics as well as in power stations. The first model of this range is mounted on a light-colored and printed base plate. A graph shows the course of the torque dependent on the speed and a gauges how the pressure in the boiler. Fitted with a safety valve and working steam whistle.

Turbine case and wheel are made of high quality heat resistant plastic. The main difference between steam engines and turbines is that turbines operate without any oil. All moving parts of a turbine are equipped with a ball bearing so that it runs easily at very high speeds(up to 9000 rpm max.). With an integrated gear unit (gear ratio approx.1:4), the Wilesco dynamo or other accessories can be attached to the unit. Overheated steam is piped through a special nozzle on to the turbine which rotates the wheel. Measures 12L x 9 1/2W x 12 1/2H(including smoke stack).

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