D52 Wilesco Marine Steam Engine

D52 Wilesco Marine Steam Engine

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Small single cylinder marine toy steam engine.Suitable for a small beginner steam launch or could be used as a stationary model to power other Wilesco accessories. Solid brass boiler with nickel finish (1 3/4??D, 4 1/2??L, boiler capacity 155 cm3)equipped with water gauge glass, spring loaded safety valve, steam jet oiler and boiler plug. Vertically mounted reversible double-acting brass cylinder, with flywheel with grooved pulley (2 3/4??D. Flexible plastic tubing to connect boiler and engine assembly. Includes prop shaft ,plastic propeller (2??D) and universal coupling for easy installation.Operating time approx. 15 minutes with solid fuel tablets. Buffer plate measures 4 1/2??L x 3 1/2??W x 5 3/4??H. Engine plate measures 3 1/2??L x2 1/2??W x 4 3/4??H.

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