D48 Wilesco Twin Cylinder Model Marine Toy Steam Engine

D48 Wilesco Twin Cylinder Model Marine Toy Steam Engine

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Powerful twin cylinder engine ideal for model boats 24´´-30´´ long or can also be used as a stationary model. Polished nickel plated brass boiler (2 1/8´´D, 5 1/2´´L, boiler capacity 250cm3). Includes a water level gauge, spring loaded safety valve, filler cap and flexible steam tubing and exhaust pipe. Boiler heated by standard Ronson butane gas. Refillable gas tank with regulating valve allows a running time of 15-20 minutes. Complete with variable speed control with forward and reverse rotary valve lever. Easily adaptable for 2 channel RC (not included). Both cylinders are equipped with oil lubrication cups. Flywheel operates a geared shaft where a universal coupling could be attached to a prop shaft. Weight (complete) 2 lbs. 10 oz. (2lbs.14oz. with filled boiler). Base plate boiler and gas holder measure 7´´Lx 4 3/8´´W x 5 1/2´´, weight 1 lb. 5 oz. Engine plate measures 5´´L x 31/2´´W x 1 3/4´´H, weight 14 oz. For safety reasons no gas is supplied with the standard packing!

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